RDGW access with Powershell

Hello everyone.

I’ve worked a bit with a redundant Remote desktop Gateway (RDGW) solution where we have 2 RDGW servers in NLB, providing a redundant access to various Remote Desktop collection. RDGW provides access without the need for VPN as it encapsulates RDP into HTTPS packets.

RDGW defines access through Client Access Policy (CAP) and Resource Access Policy (RAP). The CAP states the requirement (smart card/group membership) in order to connect through the RDGW. RAP states which resources internally are available to whom, based on group membership. RAP can provide access to either members of an AD group, members of a RDGW-defined computer group, or all resources on the network. So for a user to connect to a resource, we need both a CAP and RAP which both allows him/her access to use the RDGW and to access the resource respectively.

So when you have a redundant RDGW implementation with 2 or more RDGW servers, you need to make sure all servers have the same CAP and RAP configuration or you will have seemingly random connectivity issues for the end users. Once again Powershell saves the day.

The following script connects to each RDGW server specified and creates CAP and RAP and RDGW-computer group (if needed). It is still a work with progress with room for tuning and expanding, and as always copy with pride. The script is available here




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