Hyper-V limits

A quick list of the limitations to Hyper-V as of Windows 2008 R2:

Hyper-V host:

  • Virtual CPUs: 512
  • Maximum Memory:  32GB (standard), 2TB (enterprise and datacenter)
  • VMs pr host: 384
  • Storage: Limited only by Windows
  • Network Interface Cards: Limited only by Windows

Virtual Machine:

  • Virtual CPUs: 4 (if the host has at least 4)
  • Maximum Memory: 64GB
  • IDE drives: 4 (Remember the vm must boot from a IDE-attached VHD file)
  • SCSI drives: 256 (up to 4 scsi-controllers with up to 64 drives each)
  • VHD limit: 2 TB
  • Total storage (VHDs): 520 TB (260 drives on 2 TB each) + any pass-though drives
  • Pass-through drives: Number and size limited by Windows only
  • Virtual Network Interface Cards: 12 (8 synthetic and 4 legacy)

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