Welcome to Hyper-V (and my blog)

Hello and welcome to my very first blog post ever. I’ve decided to start blogging about all the wondrous technology and solutions I bump into on a daily basis and if you are reading this I hope this can provide both entertaining and educational value to you. I’ll kick it off nice and easy with a quick introduction to Hyper-V and server virtualization.

Hyper-V is a type 1 hypervisor which Microsoft provides both as a free product and included in the 64 bit versions of the Windows server 2008 (and later) server family with some restrictions. Hyper-V provides an easy, cost-effective and secure way to implement server virtualization without having to purchase additional 3rd party products. But why should we virtualize our servers?

In the traditional serverroom scenario we have dedicated server hardeware for each server which leads to a tremendous amount of hardware to purchase, power consumption, heat and maintenance. In addition these servers tend to be very underutilized so the benefits of the powerful hardware is mostly wasted. Using virtualization you can create and run several virtual servers on one physical box and get a lot more computer power in return of your investments. The heat generated and power consumption falls drasticly and there’s alot less hardware then needs maintenance and replacement. One should be a little careful however and keep in mind that if one server breaks it can bring many servers down, but there are several ways to provide redundancy in such a scenario. Once again planning and designing is half the job.

Another clear advantage with virtualization is that servers can easily be provided with more disk, memory and CPU power when needed, for example by providing more resources or even moving the virtual server over to a physical box with more resources. In addition, backup and restore of servers are siginifically easier as the entire server and its configuration basically is a small set of files.

I will wrap this up for now, but there will be many more posts about virtualization in different forms. I hope you all have enjoyed this post and I’ll go much deeper into this in my later posts. Feel free to add any comment you may have. Thank you

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